Mind-bending, Unsettling, Cheeky and Cute Illustrations

Alice Lin is an accomplished painter based out of Beijing, China. In her work as a painter and as a freelance artist, Lin draws inspiration from traditional sources as well as more fantastic sources, the “fascinating wonderland,” as she puts it, “of possible realities combine[d] with the human figure, plants, animals into a singular, calm, […]

Making Use of Color To Present a Sketchbook in an Interesting Way

Kachmarska Ira is an illustrator and architect out of Lviv, Ukraine. This burgeoning artist recently shared her sketchbook for 2018, revealing a new tendency towards color in her impressive, growing body of work. Previous work from Kachmarska has always shown a run of minimalism towards the use of color, relying largely on the play between […]

Watch This Colorful, Beautifully Illustrated, Retro Sci-Fi Short Film

Lili des Bellons is a French illustrator and cartoonist with tens of thousands of followers on social media. His years of work in illustration and animation have resulted in a prolific body of surreal, sci-fi, retro and anime inspired artwork all leading up to Des Bellons’s short animation, Alma. Des Bellons’s recently released trailer for […]

Small Artwork. Big Characters.

Marija Tiurina, London-based illustrator and self-professed “pigeon stalker,” had a big, small year in 2018. Last year saw Tiurina producing more “small artworks” than she has in any other year. These small artworks are the biggest feature of her drawing and paintings. Her artwork is on the cartooning side, often depicting various female characters, personified […]

Animals Drawn in a Kaleidoscopic Explosions of Color

Rohan Dahotre is a freelance illustrator working out of Pune, India. Dahotre’s mission is “spreading wildlife awareness through illustrations.” Dahotre’s pursuit of that mission invokes the beauty of our planet’s wildlife alongside the inevitable melancholy attached to their imminent doom without protective actions and loving care. For 2019, Dahotre put together a gorgeous calendar, Losing […]

Animals Painted on Bird Feathers

Imogen Clark, the artist behind DustySoulsArt, is a master of intricacy, providing breathtaking works. Telling her own story, Clark, known as “the feather lady,” started painting feathers, not just paining on feathers, truly painting them, in 2013. It’s a skill that she acquired through admitted “patience, much practice, and understanding of birds.” I don’t think […]