Monsters Are Taking Over These Vintage Photos

Remo Quincot is an illustrator and skateboarder based out of Barcelona, Spain. I love how his grungy, skater-style bleeds straight into his artwork. His monstrous characters are perfectly painted to create scenarios that are the ideal blend of edgy and comical rolled into one. With his classic doodle-bombing of old black and white pictures, the bright […]

Masterful Use of Color To Create the Illusion of Illumination in Drawings

Embracing the modern media landscape, Angel Ganev has a healthy collection of YouTube videos that have garnered tens of thousands of views where he shows how he works using reference and builds his signature style. Much of Ganev’s work is comprised of portraits where he has taken a reference photo, processed the subject of the […]

Antique Photographs Transformed Into Iconic Pop Culture Figures

Typically working in oil on canvas, Alex Gross‘ work exhibits an abiding interest in pop culture and the passage of time. It is in the mixed media portion of Gross’s portfolio where the synergy between these two truly comes alive and pops in fun, thrilling ways. Pixar: Mr. Incredible Pixar: Mr. Incredible In Gross’s mixed […]

Drawings of Different Dog Breeds

Sofia Härö is an artist from Finland with quite a love for dogs. In her feature we reveal what happened when she chose to combine her love of dogs with her love of art. This turned into a challenge in which she drew a different dog every day for thirty days. The result, thirty dogs […]

Intensely Colorful Watercolor Drawings of Modern Cities Like New York, Chicago, and London

Maja Wronska is an architect and painter of immense technical prowess out of Warsaw, Poland. Having architecture as a major interest, it is unsurprising that much of Wronska’s artistic work concerns painstakingly detailed recreations of globally famous architectural landmarks. In a recent series, Watercolors of modern cities, she turns her artistic interest to the cityscapes […]

Pop Culture Characters Come to Life as Bees

Camilla d’Errico is a Canadian artist specializing in painting, toy and character design and comics art. Her work exhibits a strong influence of the comics, cartoons and manga that have been the source of her studies and lifeblood since childhood. The breadth of her love for these areas of pop culture comes to life in […]

Feminine Beauty Redefined

Beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes, and these illustrations gracefully exemplify that with portraits of women whose proportions are highlighted contrary to mainstream media. Curvy physiques, musclular limbs, and feet that are anything but petite make a statement of self-love: to be comfortable in your own skin!The artist, poury_nekounam, redefines beauty with pure, […]