An Artist Draws Popular Brands as Japanese Anime Characters

Sillvi Illustrations is the business of the Korea-born Canadian artist nicknamed Sillvi. As an artist with almost two hundred thousand followers on Instagram, Sillvi has built a brand based around some of the most beloved and successful brands ever. For a while now, Sillvi’s bread and butter as an artist has been his ability to […]

Glow in the Dark Paintings Contain Hidden Secrets

Vivien Szaniszlo is a hidden secret of an artist whose incredible paintings are filled with hidden secrets of their own. Specializing in glow in the dark paintings, Szaniszlo’s talents truly come to life when the lights go off. The before and after effect of Szaniszlo’s paintings carries with it the feeling of seeing something completely […]

How an Artist Uses Muted Color Palettes To Illustrate a Bleak World

Penko Gelev is a freelance illustrator and comic artist in Sofia, Bulgaria with a decades long career of prolific and accomplished work. Gelev has worked in tons of industries as an artist in magazines, comics and films along with a series of exhibited works in 2012 as a member of “The Rainbow Project.” The best […]